X-uvia Realty LLC and X-uvia Investments are part of the X-uvia Group of companies. X-uvia Group, founded by Richard Morris in 2012 was founded on the principles of change for the betterment of self and others.

X-uvia Realty LLC and X-uvia Investments are Real Estate Investment companies with offices located in the United States of America and Canada respectively.

X-uvia Realty LLC founded in the United States Of America in 2014 by Raymond Kirkland, Nadine St. Peter, Richard Morris and Karlene Morris focuses on American acquisitions while X-uvia Investments Corp. focuses on Canadian acquisitions.

X-uvia currently invest in three international markets, namely, Jamaica, Canada and the United States of America.

Our Mission – Is to provide quality housing for the purpose of providing families  and individuals with a decent place to call home as well as to assist them in investing  in Real Estate for their a better financial future

We are passionate about helping families and individuals to own real estate on their own accord or through our Joint Venture and Syndication program.

X-uvia is on a mission to acquire thousands of properties for the purpose of wholesaling, buy and hold, rentals, lease to own  and land development projects

We are extremely passionate about real estate, we work indefatigably hard to accomplish our goals through the success of our investors.

We conduct every transaction with a win-win attitude while putting at the forefront trust, honesty, integrity and transparency.

Investing Today For A Better Tomorrow!

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