The Canadian Haitian Cultural Association of British-Columbia (CHCABC)

About The Canadian-Haitian Cultural Association of BC

Haiti’s fight for freedom is still an inspiration for people or nations who want to escape the shackles of bondage throughout the world.  This freedom was acquired in 1804 by a collective of black men and women with sheer courage and faith who have decided to seize control of their destiny by overwhelming their oppressors.  A new nation was born, The Republic of Haiti.  This act of bravery has brought a lot of challenges to this young nation over the past two centuries.  Political upheavals and economic downturns have sent waves of its sons to the four corners of the world.  Nevertheless, the Haitian Diaspora continues to seize opportunities to share its culture through its arts and crafts, music, cooking and celebrations. 

Such is the mandate of The Canadian Haitian Cultural Association of British Columbia (CHCABC) to facilitate the participation of everyone, near and far, who want to partake with us in celebrating our rich heritage.  We thus greet you at the gate of this website and welcome your presence and input at all times.  Let’s work together to make our community a better place.

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