Sweetz Baked Delights

Sweetz Baked Delights started with a vision to make delicious baked goods that were full of flavours and not just sugar. We wanted to be able to take ingredients from scratch and combine them together to make great tasting products.

Not only that, but we also wanted to make flavorful desserts that were different than the typical “chocolate” and “vanilla” mixed with “your choice of buttercream” theme. We wanted to take the guesswork out of what works well together and make products with flavours that compliment each other leaving a memorable impression on your taste buds.

 So after many creative trials in the kitchen, a baking business was born. Because we are a bake to order business we bake in small batches so you know your product will be fresh. And with a selection of unique, freshly baked goods we know we can make a lasting impression at your event and keep you coming back for more.

Also we believe you should get your money’s worth so we try to use all edible decorations, but we don’t use fondant. Why pay for something you may not eat. Just give us your vision and we’ll try our best to make it possible.

Though no matter what you choose, you will be satisfied with every bite. Just try our products and enjoy the “Sweetz” experience.

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