Benefits of Wheatgrass

Best source of living chlorophyll

Slows the Aging Process

 Detoxifies the body

Antioxidant (fights free radicals)


High in Oxygen(brain & tissue health)

Supports liver and kidney function

Improves red blood count/anemia

Improves fertility

Improves Digestion

Good for pain management

Increases energy, strength and endurance

Renewed health & spirituality

Eat your best and Be your best

Your body is ready, willing and able to heal itself and perform at its best, but it needs the right fuel. Our bodies run on air, water and nutrients provided by our food…consider what exactly you are putting into  yours.

“You reap what you sow”. Food energy drives every single system in our body and when it is properly supported, it can do wonders. When we live inactive lives, void of nutrient dense foods the experience we have in our bodies is far less than optimal.

Research has shown there is no better nutrient support than wheatgrass for our wellbeing. A high quality source, such as Dynamic Greens Wheatgrass, has been shown uniquely to be the only singularly life sustaining food available to us. It provides the exact nutrients needed for you to experience optimal health & vitality.

Our wheatgrass juice is the only juice in North America which is both unpasteurized and created from field grown plants. It is gluten free, organic, non GMO, ZERO herbicides and pesticides are used during farming and it is lab tested safe for the WHOLE family.

“Wheatgrass is the undisputed king of raw foods”

Wheatgrass is a wonderful plant, however, it has to be grown and used specifically to maximize its health benefits. Wheatgrass must be grown outdoors to eliminate mold and simple sugars. in its plant form our bodies cannot digest the plant fibres to access its nutrition. Therefore, we need the mechanical intervention of a juicer to pulverize the outdoor grown plant and express its minuscule nutritional elements. This juice is then flash frozen and maintained to keep the juice nutritionally active retaining its life force vitality without compromise.

Once juiced exposure to light, air & heat will cause the breakdown and loss of nutrients. Therefore we recommend storing it in the freezer and using it right when removed from its BPA free packaging).

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