Rubbynz Seasoning

Rubbynz was founded by Tresa Edwards who is a Certified Public Health Inspector. She converted her passion for nutritious foods and healthy eating into a successful business and brand aimed at helping people live healthier lifestyles through better eating habits. Tresa created the most in-demand blended seasoning, in her own kitchen, as a wet rub for various meats, including fish, poultry and veggies. Yes, veggies! It is a delicious blend, which increases the taste, aroma and nutritious value of your food. Tresa’s recipes are family trade secrets.

Food preparation can be so many things; time consuming, dynamic, enlightening, just to list a few. We wanted to share our product to get you along your way to having your meal, ready, healthy and flavorful, with as little prep time, to allow you time to get more out of life. With just a little as one tablespoon of Rubbynz, you will be enjoying all-natural ingredients, zero-trans fat and only having ten(10) calories. Vegan approved, no artificial coloring, no GMO’s and no MSG as we strive for quality products, to activate you and/or your family’s taste buds. We took the seasoning prep knife out of your hands and gave you more time, to do whatever you like!

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