Marcelin M. Wildy

Co-founder of Renouveau, General Manager

Throughout his lifetime Wildy has always served for a better tomorrow. He has a wealth of experience in helping and empowering the poor in West Africa, especially in Côte d’Ivoire and Benin. The idea of ​​a project like Renouveau was born when he was appointed Vice-President by the Board of Directors of the International Liaison of Haitians (LIH) in Montreal.

“My involvement in this organization has made me understand the need to give disadvantaged people the tools to develop their capabilities and enhance themselves through community activity. This can be achieved while also generating profit and reducing the pressure on the environment by recovering used consumer goods.”

Wildy and Naomie Cesar met through their mutual association with the International Liaison of Haitians (LIH). They quickly recognized that they shared the same passion to live a life that gives support to the disadvantaged.

Renouveau has evolved based on their combined wealth of humanitarian experience.

As a Francophone, Wildy has discovered Welland, with its strong network of Franco-Ontarian support, to be a welcoming place to implement their vision of compassionate social enterprise.

Naomie Cesar

Co-founder, Public Relations Coordinator, Director of Community Partnership

Since Naomie Cesar first arrived in Canada in 2008, she has worked diligently to build a new life in Canada. She accomplished personal success by going to school and becoming a Registered Practical Nurse. She also owned and operated her own business, CaribeAfrica Specialty Store – all the while coordinating a wide variety of international projects that are near and dear to her heart.

  • Soliciting and Collecting donations from Canada and delivering them via air when she or other supporters are traveling
  • Paying to ship boxes to Haiti and often times arranging for people to pick them up and deliver them to the Dominican Republi
  • Assisting with personal care and inspirational support at orphanages in Haiti
  • Delivering Christmas gifts to children in Haiti and refugee families in Canada
  • Connecting with local organizations such as ‘Busy Fingers’ – group of Niagara Women who make clothing and pencil cases to donate to children; Pelham Soccer Association – direct source for used soccer uniforms and equipment

In the Summer of 2019 Naomie made the decision to close CaribAfrica Specialty Store and focus her energies on her social purpose work by joining forces with her husband to launch Renouveau.


Ernso Olivier

International Project Manager

COE, Founder of Liaison internationale des haïtiens LIH., Former data verification specialist at International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies in Haïti, and translator at Global Mission Fellowship.

Betty Adair and her Busy Fingers Team

Busy Fingers is a Niagara organization which began in 2009. Our mission is to help children in other countries. We use sewing materials donated to us by many in the community.

We make and send tote bags for ladies, pencil cases, pants for boys, dresses and skirts for little girls. We would be honored to have you help us, to help children in other lands. Thank you so much, Busy Fingers Ministries.

Marie Geralde Dutreui

International Public Relations

Journalist, Graduate – Social Communication, Bolivarian University of Venezuela, currently serves as Treasurer of Liaison Internationale des Haïtiens (LIH), headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.

Born in Haiti, in the Department of Grand’Anse (South), has lived in Canada for 3 years. Extensive organizational experience as part of several community groups during her stay in  Venezuela. Keenly interested in building social networks and reading.


Cathy Berkhout-Bosse

Communication and Community Partner Outreach

Cathy is a Real Estate Broker (at Re/Max Welland Realty Ltd.) and Community Builder. Co-Founder of the myNiagara Online Community Platform, she has been serving as the Community Manager for #myNiagara local networks, and since 2009.

The platform operates based on a social enterprise business model that provides the opportunity for all participants to collaboratively partner and build a common audience to help local businesses and community organizations boost their online visibility and expand their client base.

Cathy is also a member of Social Enterprise Niagara (#SENiagara) – a local community of changemakers on a mission to educate, raise awareness, build community and connect people interested in establishing a social enterprise to the necessary resources.

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