Rayne Hair Essentials.

What we do?

Here at Rayne Hair Essentials, we specialize in customized satin lined hair bonnets, headwraps and masks. You have the option to choose from ANKARA (African Print) with a beautiful satin liner or 100% satin.

We strive to provide the best quality products, our materials are hand picked from various authentic African stores throughout the GTA. Our satin is made from 100% satin materials.

Join the squad

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For any inquiries email us at info@raynehairessentials.com

Who am I?

Growing up as a child, I remember watching my beloved grandmother sewing away in her living room on her sewing machine.  I remember watching her and thinking that someday I am going to be able to create beautiful pieces just like she did.  Here I am following in my grandma’s footsteps with that very same sewing machine she used before passing away in 2010.  I was intimidated to pick up where she left off, however I felt the need to  continue on with her legacy, I know she would be proud. After years of contemplation, I picked up my grandmother’s machine from my dad’s (who kept it in storage for 10 years) and started creating different pieces of items for friends and family.  It dawned on me one day that my grandma would want me to use my skills to make others happy. That’s when I decided to create Rayne Hair Essentials.

I want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement through this new chapter and I look forward to continuing to create pieces that you can love and enjoy

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