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Starring Lovemore (Sherine Allison)

❤️  Voiceless
I was around 9 years old when my mother said to me “I will always worry about you because you do not have a voice and you keep everything inside “. For 43 years I was beyond shy, I would  look down when having conversations and had little concept of self and the ability to communicate. One of my secret goals was the confidence to communicate and express myself . Little did I know how my voice would unfold .

❤️  2003 Chef Life
In 2003 I started my catering brand . Thanks to my cousins who consistently fuelled my confidence to start , because I had very little self worth and confidence . My business was my everything , it was my main language of life and was what I breathed. What I didn’t realize I was sinking because I had no concept of life and life balance . My family barely saw me , I would run and eat and always spoke like I was in a hurry .
I recall my neighbour gently saying to me “ Oh Sher you are barely existing “ . It took years before my eyes open to the reality of my insanity and little did I know life would shake and shape me into More Living .

❤️  Saved by Death
2015 was my most turbulent , bumpy and painful year . I watched my mother slowly slipping away from Cancer . For  the first time in my life I became best friend with Faith as I worked daily on my mustard seed version hoping this would restore mom .
Before mom went to heaven she made me promise I would find my own happiness and have a relationship with the Lord .
Loosing mom was the catalyst that opened my eyes to life , to living and making the choice to not only exist but to live more each new day . I made the choice to honour my mother by celebrating her legacy , by honouring her last name (Lovemore). Love became by medication to my pain , my healing and my new life’s path.

❤️  Mess to Masterpiece
During Covid I knew I wanted More , I also gave myself the permission to unfold the More that was within .  With daily prayers and my masterpiece visionary board I started to log the Experiences and lifestyle I wanted for myself and my daughter . I knew it was time to own my unique Gifts and pool my talents and experiences under one umbrella ( Lovemore Lifestyle ). I am also happy to share that I am now a certified Life Coach. 

❤️  Legacy and Lovemore
Oh how I wish mom was here . To witness my Voice , to experience and see me living daily,  Powerfully and Phenomenally from pain to Purpose. Living is Loving and Loving is living . I am so thankful to empower others to choose a life path of love and to unfold the More within . My desire is that you choose to heal, to forgive , to be thankful , to love you and unfold the masterpiece within . Thank you for choosing Love .
XO Lovemore

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