Irie Foods

Escape to Jamaica when you stop at Irie Foods for some authentic island taste. You will never leave hungry, as every plate comes with healthy portions for both entree and side dishes. Take your pick from a menu with everything from jerk chicken to beef stew roti.

Fried Chicken Friday: Every Friday!

Escoveitched fish is a traditional Jamaican dish served for breakfast on the weekends and normally served with bammies (a type of fried cassava bread). However, you can enjoy this dish any time of day.

It’s similar to a ceviche, the difference being that the fish is fried, not raw. Sometimes escoveitched is spelled escovitch. It’s likely the origins of this dish are Spanish and it was introduced to Jamaica during the 16th century when the Spanish ruled the island. The word escoveitch is a corruption of the Spanish word escabeche, which is used to describe a dish as being pickled and pickling was a great way of keeping food from spoiling in the days of no refrigeration. Order your escoveitched fish today.

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