Gro For It

Welcome to Gro For It!

GRO FOR IT was born in early 2019 out of a love and appreciation for all things nature. The founder and owner, Lucy Ofori, has an extensive houseplant collection and loves to share her passion for foliage. The name “Gro For It”, incorporates her last name, Ofori, and the idea of ‘going for it!’ Work hard and do your best to achieve your goals, planty or otherwise. Always strive to GRO!

With so many of us living in “concrete jungles”, it’s refreshing to see people inviting nature into their homes. Plants have been found to improve the quality of the air we breath, and even uplift our mood. Since plants can evoke happiness, it’s a good idea to, “Embrace a plant filled life.” This is GRO FOR IT’s motto.

Rare and classic treasures await you in store and online. In addition to houseplants, other plant related products, services and workshops with the same focus are offered.  

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