Foot Care Academy

Welcome to FOOT CARE ACADEMY (FCA), owned and operated by Advanced Foot Care Nurses, Diabetes Educators and Instructors with over 35 combined years of community and hospital care experience. We see the need to have health care professionals, especially those working with seniors in the community, trained and be certified in basic Advanced and Diabetic nursing.

Our courses are evidence based, they are designed to give you the knowledge and competencies you need to implement clinical practice guidelines when doing foot care as a business for self or working in the community as an employee.

Did you know that there were more than 2,000 foot amputations that took place in Canada in 2011-12 due to complications of diabetes, according to a new report on wounds in the Canadian health-care context. With proper foot care, health teaching and other early intervention this could be avoided. It is important that health care professionals working especially in the community with seniors and others who, for some reason are unable to do proper foot care, should be able to recognize, teach and implement care as needed within their scope. Foot Care Academy is offering the course as added skills to RNs and RPNs.

At FCA  our foot care education promotes national foot care competencies.

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