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Why we do What we do…

Let me tell you a story. A true story…a story of death & rebirth. A story of passion & truth.

My chosen name is Nick Fyre, and I am the creator of Hiero Fyre. The word Hiero is derived from the ancient Greek language, meaning “sacred, holy, & divine”. I chose the name Hiero Fyre because my mission is to share what I have learned with the collective. What we offer are the tools you need to heal yourself. Modern medicine has forgotten ancient remedies, putting in its place a system backed by corruption. Here at Hiero Fyre, we seek to present the tools needed to attain the highest good for ALL.

I grew up in a strictly religious middle class household. Plentiful in necessities, however, lacking in unconditional love. Due to my accumulation of my life experiences, modern physicians found me to be “Manic Bipolar Depressive with other mental health Tendencies”. Truthfully, I was never happy no matter what I was accomplishing. By the time I turned sixteen years old, I had been diagnosed with multiple mental disorders & when I finally hit my eighteenth birthday, I was out on my own.

As I grew into early adulthood I noticed I was consistently looking for unconditional love & validation from others. Maybe because I never received these concepts throughout childhood.

I followed the advisement of all my health care providers, only to be left in a worse state of mind then when I began. Taking medications that deteriorated my overall health & becoming addicted to anti-anxiety medications.

I finally made the choice to take my overall health into my own hands. I stopped eating meat and dairy based product, started working out, and began meditating. Most importantly, I began studying ancient & esoteric knowledge.

Subsequently, my overall health was healed over a period of time. I no longer suffer from anxiety attacks & depression. I also have learned how to successfully manifest any/and ALL of my goals. Once this was accomplished, I began looking at the world through a magical perspective, knowing anything is possible.

Hiero Fyre was started to provide that alchemical knowledge to everyone in a way that is practical for your craft. When the novice is attempting to learn this light knowledge, it is important to network with each other for support and stop the culture of secrecy. ALL are entitled to this knowledge & ALL who seek answers at Hiero Fyre will be obliged. 

We provide the tools for you to discover the POWER WITHIN. We no longer submit to the programming of lower vibration-al entities and/or energy by learning how to hone our skills. At Hiero Fyre we believe that EVERYONE has the power to manifest, heal, & unconditionally love themselves. Once you connect to self-power & self-love there will be no stopping your ascension to 5th Dimensional Living.

Send us a message, ask any question you desire, learn your ennealogy in the short quiz below, or maybe you just want to send us your Love – We are always here to offer guidance.

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