Collen Blake-Miller

About Colleen 

As a Registered Psychotherapist and speaker, Colleen Blake-Miller has worked diligently, for more than a decade, supporting hundreds in achieving health, wellness, and personal growth. She couples her dynamic speaking style with her clinical expertise in such areas as identity, worth, depression, and trauma in order to support healing and growth in the lives of the women and men she works in her community. Colleen is committed to helping individuals uncover the emotional and psychological hurdles that hinder their forward progression and impede their achievement of high-level success.

In addition to being in private practice, Colleen works within the community through workshops, special projects and community initiatives.  She has served for over 16 years supporting individuals and families in need.

Colleen is a mother of 3 boys and little girl, who appreciates time alone with her husband, watching movies and eating salt and pepper wings. She also enjoys laughing, making others laugh, and working with her hands on DIY projects at home.

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