Carifika Canada

Carifika Canada is a national non-profit organization with the purpose of bringing visibility to African and Caribbean people living in Canada. Carifika Canada would have city organizations with the strategic plan to educate the community and serve as well as a collective database to retrieve information on the African and Caribbean community to work closely with people, businesses, institutions, governments, and non-governments.

Carifika Canada would serve as a systemic resource to enable Caribbean and African Entities and People to build and sustain community development. Structurally, Carifika Canada is comprised of Community Organizations branching outward to build multiple Organizations across Canada’s cities, creating resources in the designated city for African and Caribbean people.


Ground Team


Carifika Canada has Committee’s that work continuously to achieve the best results for the community. 


We have a well constructed team that works well with the school systems, Children’s Aid Society, Youth Services to, create programs, and workshops to facilitate future success! 


Volunteers is essential and the grassroots to any business and organization. Volunteering gives experience to others who are in need of it now. This gives a head start for those starting off in the real world. 


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