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ABC’s of Canadian Black History Kit

2020 has been the most pivotal year in Race Relations in decades. Black Lives Matter, the rallying call for awareness, understanding and action, has accelerated interest in the black change-makers of decades past.

  • Are you a teacher committed to bringing the real stories of Black Canadians and their contributions
    to Canada’s development to your diverse students?
  • Have you been frustrated by the lack of pedagogically sound, engaging Canadian Black History resources that teach you and excite ALL kinds of learners?

The ABC’s of Canadian Black History Kit brings to life the personalities and events omitted from the pages of textbooks, because their role in Canadian history was considered historically insignificant.
Each letter of the alphabet features a person, place, or event with their historical relevance.

Abc Kit

The ABC’s Kit is a uniquely designed, turnkey resource that helps teachers create engaging lessons and FUN, hands-on learning experiences and enriched, extended, cross-curricular, learning opportunities for elementary through to high school  and adult students. Find out how!

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