Authentic Nigerian Cuisines


In her homeland of Nigeria, Adebola Esan was a teacher. But when it came time for big family or community events, people turned to her to prepare the food. She loved cooking and was good at it, so she started a catering business on the side. Then, when she and husband Temitope Esan moved to Holland in 2002 to follow his profession as a pipeline engineer, her culinary dreams were put on hold. But when they landed in Calgary a few years later, she started cooking again. By this time, some of her children were old enough to help her in the kitchen. Soon, word spread in Calgary’s 5000-strong Nigerian community that a good cook had arrived and she found herself back in the catering business. Small events and large parties, such as a wedding anniversary bash for 500, came her way. And soon she was thinking about opening her own restaurant. – Author : John Gilchrist, for the Calgary Herald

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