About Us

Ashabi Wears is a sustainable clothing brand (located in Calgary, Alberta) that is passionate about people, culture and the planet.

Olufunke Olotu has vast knowledge in customer service/experience, project management, business analysis and business process re-engineering. Having worked in the bank for 15years and the birth of her fourth child made her decide to learn how to sew so as to have something doing while looking after her 4 children.

A year into her sewing business, she discovered people would not mind having cultural heritage designs on their day-to-day wear. Hence the birth of Ashabi Wears with a touch of heritage.

Ashabi collections helps bring alive ancient designs using sustainable fabrics in creating an array of beautifully styled everyday wear for the family.

The Logo

Gangan is a traditional drum, also referred to as the “Talking Drum”. The beats and sounds it produces make the heart joyful. The drum is created with an ability to mimic human voice thereby creating moments of celebration and a joyous atmosphere. It is Classic!

Our organic and ethically-made apparels are colorful!

100% Made in (Calgary) Canada with People and Planet in mind.

Embracing Culture. Preserving Heritage. Staying Vibrant.

Vibrant! Fashion!! Heritage!!!

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