Apostolic Ark Ministries


AAM is committed to provide wholesome Christian education for all its members with a strong emphasis on excellence. To facilitate the process of training and development of each individual in the areas of their giftedness. To mentor and support effective spiritual leaders. To identify and establish ministries that will respond to the growing needs of our local community. To establish congregations/ministries in the rest of Canada and subsequently in other parts of the world.

Our Vision

It is the vision of AAM to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people being sensitive to ethnic, social, and economic diversities. We are committed to reaching the lost, the wounded and broken, ministering to them with the highest level of integrity, dignity, and love. AAM strives to be a warm, loving Christian community that reflects the demography of the community, city, country in which it is located. We create an environment that maximize participation, stimulates growth, and promotes personal satisfaction.  

Bishop K.L. Morris – MDIV

Church Leader


Assistant Church Leader

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