AhiMiton is an original idea from Aladja Ruth since 2017 who likes to wear scarves. She falls particularly in love with the Peuhl sares (melhafa, lafaya, saharis) naturally tinted with indigo, a 💯% cotton fabrics traditionally made in Africa (Niger, Mauritania, Chad, Cameroon, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria …). The sarees are so colorful, so long (more than 3 meters) and harmoniously structured that Aladja Ruth has thought on a regular wearing for everyone! And the only way to do it with streetsfashion style, especially in our urban life, is to do it another way: by tying your scarves around your neck or your head. But that’s not all! Ahimiton offers also wax material, silk and cashmere\pashmina with unique inspired prints from multiple African cultures.

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