902 ManUp

Our Purpose

902 ManUp is a non-profit volunteer organization founded in 2016 in response to the increase in community violence particularly involving black males. The organization is primarily dedicated to the advancement of all Black Communities within Nova Scotia and shall have a particular focus on the empowerment of young black males. The expanded mandate of 902MU includes all individuals or groups at risk of marginalization and social and academic exclusion.


Our Story


“It’s easy to pull a trigger or something like that, but it’s difficult to look at a brother and have a dialogue and be able to look him in his eyes and say ‘I love you,’” says Marcus James.

The father, uncle and community mentor is challenging men in his Uniacke Square community to do the difficult thing.

After a series of shootings plagued an already marginalized neighbourhood in Halifax’s downtown in 2016, James and a few of his peers decided to look within to find solutions to deep-rooted problems in the community.

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