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Hi there! I’m Joshuelle (jaw-shoe-elle)

I’ve been a Birth and Postpartum Doula for 2 very fulfilling years. When I’m not doula-ing I practice yoga, cook, bake, sing and dance! 

At an early age, I recognized that the transition of motherhood is sacred, and requires unconditional, thorough support. 

I come from a family full of smart, fierce, warm, nurturing, and funny women. My grandmother, aunts, cousins and sisters gave me a very rich understanding of everything from puberty to menopause. My whole life, I’ve heard their birth stories on repeat and it never gets old.


While completing a degree in Biochemistry from Western, I also studied physiology, anatomy, human sexuality, genetics, reproduction and health sciences. I discovered that although the medical approach is great for high risk pregnancies, it neglects women’s mental, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, financial, and environmental health. So, I pursued an alternative, and was so pleased/excited/blessed to discover doula-ing.

I pride myself on being versatile and creative! This is how I find unique ways to cope with pain and discomfort, and soothe fussy babies (and parents, haha). I also have a background in the customer service and restaurant industries. For you, this means I’m great at reading the room and finding ways to make you feel safe; whether I’m listening and holding your hand, explaining an intervention, or simply making you laugh.

I’m so honoured to hold space for new life, and support folks from conception to cradle. 

Thank you for visiting 🙏🏾

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