Features: Bookstore

  • Faith Filled Books

    Welcome to Faith Filled Books, a Christian resource site that offers tools to help people with their daily walk with Christ.  Our vision is to encourage and inspire you towards your fullest potential in your involvement and spiritual development towards the Kingdom of God.   Stay tuned as we continue to develop this site with […]

  • Knowledge Bookstore

    Knowledge Bookstore is an independent Afrocentric bookstore located in Brampton Ontario that sells African Canadian, African American, Caribbean and Children books. We also offer Black dolls, greeting cards, dvds, beauty products and gift items not readily available in mainstream stores. Knowledge Bookstore is a community space as well as the go to source for parents, […]

  • Ebony Occasions

    n out of the frustration I experienced trying to find greeting cards with people on them who looked like myself, my friends or my family members.     I want our customers to have an easily accessible place to order culturally appropriate cards without having to search multiple websites or retail card stores. The reason why […]

  • Za and Zoey

    Official Launch of Za and Zoey, a New Recipe Adventure Book Series Burlington, Ontario – Za and Zoey Food Adventures are pleased to announce the official launch of their new children’s cookbook series, website, and social media platforms.  The Za and Zoey series features two main characters, Za and Zoey, who explore tasty recipes while travelling around […]

  • Tusome Books

    Tusome is a Kiswahili word that means Let us read. Kiswahili is a language spoken in several African countries. Tusome is an online bookstore that celebrates authors from three main regions; Africa, Asia and the Middle-East -and recently added, Indigenous authors. Tusome translates to Aan Isla Aqrino in Sahra, Ame koandn in Kumanji & Kurdish, Asibale in Ndebele, Dusome in Kinyarwanda, Let Us […]