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We would be delighted to add your category and welcome you (only exception the Adult industry).


This is a exclusive system that we offer our paid members as a benefit for one year. Each year that a members renews their membership – they will continue to get this service included.

This service will help you to gather 5 star Google reviews from your SATISFIED customers in seconds.  This will boost your reputation online in a short time. Check the video below.

Rep Busters Review Builder – YouTube

For more information please visit
Home – REPBUSTERS – 5 Star Review System

There are two parts to the system

Click here  to see our 5-Star Review Business owner  link
You complete this as the business owners and send to your customers

Click here to see what YOUR customers  get when you  request feedback
This is what the customer sees when you send out the request via SMS or Email.


Here are the MOST popular review platforms that our Repbuster system uses. You can let us know if you have a preference for another and provide the URL.

It starts with claiming or setting up a Google My Business Account. We will do the rest.

  1. Search for you business name on Google (chrome)
  2. If it appears – claim it
  3. If your business name is not shown you can create a Google My Business account by clicking this link 
    type:  https://www.google.com/intl/en_ca/business/ in your browser.

WATCH VIDEO: Learn why having 5 -star reviews are important for YOUR business


No, we are not.

We get asked this often due our .org domain. We are a
for-profit-organization. We figured that having a .org extension gives a more community feel to our space.

We do not receive any funding sources to run this directory.

This is a bootstrapping startup from personal resources.

We also use a portion of membership fees for maintenance of the directory and promotional activities.


  What Benefits Do I Get For My Paid Membership?

Glad you asked!
Your membership does come with benefits designed to help you succeed.

1. Group advertising on Social Media

2. A Customized Google Review platform for your business from Repbusters.com( free for one year) to all paid members. To learn more please visit Repbusters.com

3. Free Reputation Report from

4. Member-Only invitation to business events / Presentations

5. Members-Only discount offered by other members

6. Get opportunity to do a LIVE presentation of business to other members

7. You will get a Fully functioning Business page – Click here to see all the features of your business page

8. Free Ebooks download on various topics for business owners.

9. Chance to win a spot in our  home page  “Featured Black-Owned Businesses Across Canada” section for ONE week.

10. BONUS – Free BOC masks – individually packaged.


  Why Do You Charge For Membership?

We love this question. There is FREE-for-LIFE membership. You are not under any obligation to get a paid membership.

We created the paid membership options because we offer more than just a place to “park your business” and forget about it.

We have been in the directory space since 2008 (www.salonsofcanada.ca) and we know that a free directory rarely works and does not offer the services that BOC offers its members. Please click here to see the benefits page

– Offering any tangible




– Community Feel

With Black Owned Canada we are taking all that we learnt from Salons of Canada and create a more sustainable service.

  Can I Upgrade My Membership?

Yes you can. Simply contact us and we will help you.

  Can I Get Help To Set Up My Membership Page?

1. Free for Life – $0

2. Entrepreneur Annual Membership –  $139/year

3. Small Business Annual  Membership – $159/year

If you would like one of our team members to set up your paid business page –  we will do so at no additional cost.

For the free membership – we can set up your page for a ONE-TIME fee of $39.99

  Can I Cancel My Membership At Anytime?

Yes you can. Simply contact us and we will remove your business page and if you are a paid member we will also close your 5-star review account.

Your annual fee covers the costs of the benefits (see below) you received at the inception of your membership therefore no refund is possible.

-Free masks

-5-star Review set up system

-Group marketing

-Access to information etc.

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